ConQuest SAC
March 20-22, 2020

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Historical Board Games
Sat 11 AM
to 11 PM
(12 hrs)

W-105: Mortem et Gloriam Tourney
Presented by Dave Lauerman

Mortem et Gloriam published by Simon Hall
Regular signup, room for 16 players (using 8 tables)
Tournament, Prefer experienced players, Players provide characters and/or armies for the game.
Location: not yet assigned
Description: Three rounds, 3 hour rounds, 10,000 point armies. You are the Army Commander and, with your key Sub-Generals, control your army in attempt to smash your opponent. So you could be Alexander with his leading subordinates Parmenio and Ptolemy, or Hannibal with Hasdrubal and Hanno, or Vercingetorix the Gaul with the leaders of the main Gallic tribes, or Ghengis and Kublai .... the choice is yours. *Can be run as demo for new players, if a tourney does not get quorum.

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