ConQuest SAC
March 22-24, 2019

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Open Role Playing
Sat 2 PM
to 6 PM
(4 hrs)

R-129: Atomic Highway - Tales of Yesteryears
Presented by Amy Flaherty

Atomic Highway published by Radioactive Designs
Regular signup, room for 6 players
Regular Game, Will teach to new gamers, GM will provide characters and/or armies for the players
Location: Open RPG Room 1
Description: Centuries ago something happened. We don't know what it was or what caused it, but recently, a rumor has spread throughout the area. Long thought to be a war between the old nations, the rumor says it was something much more sinister: beings from the void beyond the moon visited and caused the great cataclysm that disrupted our civilization. We live in a world where electronics no longer work. Where bandits roam the areas in ramshackle jerry-rigged vehicles and terrorize the weak and unprotected. Where warlords, republics, monarchies and any other type of government you can think of, claim small bits of land and strive to protect (or exploit) their populations. We eke out a survival amongst mutated people, animals and plants but now, things appear to be changing faster. Storms have started to appear that change anything caught out in them whether it be human or not. There's a shimmer spreading from a central point that is causing this change. We know where it is, thanks to a few brave people and now we are setting out to stop it. We have gathered a team of specialists and we leave tomorrow. Can you and your team save what is left of the world? Or will you fail like so many before?

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