ConQuest SAC
March 20-22, 2020

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Historical Miniatures
Fri 1 PM
to 6 PM
(5 hrs)

H-179: Not Seven Years of War
Presented by Mike O'Brien

The Battle of Montieren Schlecht Gasthaus (Mount published by Rank and File Rules
Regular signup, room for 6 players
Regular Game, Will teach to new gamers, GM will provide characters and/or armies for the players
Location: not yet assigned
Description: Two minor powers fight for glory, and their mistress. CiC Principality of Itter General Turanschlag Grand Duke of Bayern-Asperin SubordinatesGeneral Acidu Lisergicu, a Corsican who was out for glory General McDonald McDonald of Clan McDonald who hated his commander and thus was reluctant to follow orders. The Huntingdon Commander was His Grace, The Duke of Huntingdon, Oswald Maiderecker Ballownie. Of late, the family has been bankrolled by the Swiss house of Oscar Meyer.

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